At Perfectly Attired, we offer custom tailoring service for all occasions. We understand you are incredibly busy and need to use your time as efficiently as possible, so we visit you. In a changing world it can be a minefield finding out what to wear, and with so many invitations today not including a dress code, where do you go to get the latest advice on the smart and correct outfit for the occasion?

We create clothing for successful people from all walks of life, focusing on quality tailoring, cloth, cut and detailing. Operating New York and London, the Perfectly Attired team work with you to create a sophisticated expression of your personality.

The confidence of wearing pure excellence made especially for you empowers you to look, feel and be at your best. When you are Perfectly Attired, it sets you apart from the crowd and ensures that you elegantly meet every dress code, whatever the situation.

Whether you have yet to experience the fit of bespoke clothing or require a world view of the right clothes to wear, a consultation with our team is all you need.

It really is that simple and it happens in the comfort of your own world. Please click here to contact us. We have offices in New York and London.

Excellence, Measured.


Lisa Hershorn runs the New York operation, based in Manhattan. Lisa has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years, tailoring for a range of clientele from many different industries.

Lisa's stylish approach, combined with impeccable personal service, has been appreciated by sophisticated and fashion-savvy clients for almost two decades. Lisa and her team are available for consultations at your office, home or club.

Our London office is run by Lydia Foulkes - lydia@perfectlyattired.co.uk / www.perfectlyattired.co.uk.